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We are a web design & development group with a deep understanding of web technologies. We believe a website for your business is an important piece of an overall web presence story and we are here to help build that story for you.

We hope you’ll check out the site. While our primary goal with the site is to provide information on the services we provide, we also want to showcase the features that can be rapidly developed with our approach.

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Web Design

We specialize in utilizing WordPress and WordPress Themes to quickly deploy responsive, eye-catching web sites that look great on all devices and meet our clients’ needs.

Web Development

Web development pulls together the vision of the web design, the functionality of the latest technologies and an understanding of how the pieces fit. The goal: a web presence story that aligns with today’s requirements and our clients’ needs.


Security is more important than ever, whether it’s the security of your site, your data or your interactions with your clients or customers. Our approach considers security, privacy & data integrity at each step.

Social Media

Social Media is an integral part of an online presence. We can help build a unified, integrated presence. Post once and have that message propagate to your social media assets.

Web Master & Web Hosting

Setting up your web hosting environment can be challenging. We can assist with hosting server setup and configurations, whether we provide hosting or you already have a hosting provider.


We understand eCommerce, whether using WordPress eCommerce plugins or building custom solutions leveraging merchant services APIs or PayPal APIs.

And I thought WordPress was just for blogs! Tim & crew quickly provided an impressive site that’s easy to add & manage content.Renee
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Tim is an excellent communicator, grasps desires and concepts quickly, and does an amazing job of anticipating the application of the site components.Bill


Creative ideas

Creative images

Creative designs



Inspired layouts

Inspired colors

Inspired features



Tech savvy

Integration savvy

Performance savvy


The Library

A resource for website planning.

  • Web 101
    Web 101
    Web Basics Web Sites Web Design Responsive Web Design SEO Social Media eMail eMail Servers More Info Web Basics: A Brief Overview While the Internet is a very big thing, when ...
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  • Web Design & Development
    Web Design & Development
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  • SSL - When do you need site encryption?
    SSL - When do you need site en...
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We are passionate about web presence and all the pieces that come together for a comprehensive web presence story. We believe there’s a difference between just a pretty site and an effective, integrated set of assets that function in concert.

We want to understand your goals around web presence and how we can help achieve them.

We believe an effective website design is inviting, intuitive, well organized, dynamic and responsive.

Social Media is an important piece of an overall web presence.
We can integrate your website with your Social Media assets:

  • Social Sharing links make it easy for site visitors to share your content to their social media assets
  • Display feeds from your Social Media assets
  • Auto-publish your posts to your Social Media assets
The goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to build on all the factors that will help your site get favorable rankings on search engines like Google and Bing.
We provide basic SEO for all our clients and can provide a more comprehensive SEO approach if needed.
Our FAQ addresses common questions.

If a particular topic in the forums gains enough traffic, we’ll add that to the FAQ.

Some FAQ items will then link to more detailed information in the Knowledge Base.

Our Knowledge Base provides detailed information on questions and issues that our clients may have.

When appropriate, it will link to vendor-specific information.

Our forums are open to our clients.

Can’t find an answer in the FAQ or Knowledge Base? Open a new topic in one of the forums?

Our clients have access to our Client Care area. Our Client Care area is a resource for our clients, with access to our FAQ, Knowledge Base and forums. As a centralized resource, it will grow over time to address common needs raised by our clients.

Have a question about some feature of your site? The Client Care area is the place to check.

The j-Blog

Take a look at some of our recent library articles.

  • Site is ready for prime time!
    Site is ready for prime t...
    Posted on
    March 10, 2016
    The site is essentially done!This last week has seen several changes:Moved site to different server in order to enable SSL Finished styling tweaks to Client Care fo...
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  • Seattle Nights
    Seattle Nights
    Posted on
    March 1, 2016
    I'm calling the dark theme Seattle Nights - it pulls in the steely gray-blue of the Seattle Rain Festival (which runs yearly from Oct 1 to Sep 30) against the backdrop of city...
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  • A revamp of the site design
    A revamp of the site desi...
    Posted on
    February 20, 2016
    I thought the site design was solidifying, but once nearly complete, all the parts seemed to be competing. And it was too close to other work I've done. So I decided to reva...
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  • The site theme is solidifying
    The site theme is solidif...
    Posted on
    February 15, 2016
    The site theme is solidifying.  The site concept was based off the hero banner when the site first comes up - the light bulb, the Seattle skyline.I initially was pulling t...
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  • jeenyus service panel
    jeenyus service panel
    Posted on
    January 28, 2016
    I tried a couple of designs for that panel that gives brief overview of the services we offer. While I think some of them had their own merits, none wowed me. Last night I sta...
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  • jeenyus Intro Panel
    jeenyus Intro Panel
    Posted on
    December 17, 2015
    I think I'm mostly satisfied with the Intro Panel - the very top panel with the bulb and Seattle skyline. It looks good on desktops, but still needs some work for small screen...
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  • Initial WordPress & X Theme setup
    Initial WordPress & X The...
    Posted on
    December 11, 2015
    My WordPress install was smooth. I like to install WP in subdirectory and then configure WP accordingly so a more friendly URL is possible. While I like keeping my root fairly...
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